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mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:26 am
by piratepride
I stayed home with a sick kid today so found myself watching a few draft player profiles and highlight videos on youtube. Daniel Jerimiah's first mock came out and he had us pegged for THE LB from LSU in Patrick Queen. After doing a little research, I'm not sure he makes it to #19. This kid is the type of player / person / story you hear about NFL players all the time! This is the type of player who beats out thousands of draft hopefuls who never hear the phone ring come draft day.
His dad was on his ass all week doing some level of training everyday so much so that the neighbors called to complain to his mother. He won youth baseball state titles growing up and had the opposing teams question his birth certificate due to his sheer size ( he was a man among boys). Then you watch his LSU tape and read all of the LSU college fans comments and you wonder if he'll be the next Patrick Willis? I'm dead serious!
I've been all about offense recently, but if we take this guy or a player of his caliber at #19 I'd be happy! He's a game changer at the second level. This weekends super bowl will sway the way we draft come April. You look back to our first match up with KC at home and were up on them 10-0 in the 2nd quarter, and then the deep touchdown changed the tide. In an instant were down 20 something to 10. You get Travis Kelce parading up and down the field like its nobodies business with Tahir Whitehead a step or two behind awe shucking everytime! Raiders fans have been used to this for decades.....

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:27 am
by piratepride

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:36 am
by piratepride
If you look back at Mayocks last draft he went defense often and early, I believe he'll do the same this year. All of us want the shiny NEW WR, and he may go this route if KC wins, but think he values football instincts, personality, and impact players at crucial positions over talented "Me players". This is why he's always talking about building his foundation with his football players. Guys like Ferrel, Jacobs, Renfrow, Moreau, Alec Ingold. Players who are all about team first.
2019 Raiders draft
Round 1 • Pick 4 (4) • DE Clelin Ferrell
Round 1 • Pick 24 (24) • RB Josh Jacobs
Round 1 • Pick 27 (27) • S Johnathan Abram

Round 2 • Pick 8 (40) • CB Trayvon Mullen
Round 4 • Pick 4 (106) • DE Maxx Crosby
Round 4 • Pick 27 (129) • CB Isaiah Johnson

Round 4 • Pick 35 (137) • TE Foster Moreau
Round 5 • Pick 11 (149) • WR Hunter Renfrow
Round 7 • Pick 16 (230) • DE Quinton Bell

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:45 am
by piratepride
There's a few defenders who I think Mayock may fall in love with in the coming months, Jeffrey Okudah ( CB), Patrick Queen LB, Chase DE (of course) and Kristian Fulton the top corner from LSU who shut down Cedee Lamb completely in their playoff matchup.
I've watched some tape of the consensus top 8 DL in Derrick Brown from Auburn and think he's the next Justin Ellis lol! Stay away from this slow run stuffer....please Mike!He's not the type we need in the middle of our defense.

with that said here goes, not going to pretend I know what the other teams will do, just giving you a take on round 1 if we value defenders over offense.

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:58 am
by piratepride
The top 2 picks are pretty much guarantees barring any trades.
1.Bengals- Joe Burrow QB- Everyone knows Daltons time is over and the young backup whatever his name is is no better than many other backups across the league. Burrow it is.

2.Redskins- DE Chase Young- I considered a shock QB pick here after hearing how some in the front office didn't agree with the Dwayne Haskins selection, but then he started winning. They'll give him another year.
-Alternate pick- A top O-lineman to protect the young signal caller, especially since Trent Brown sold his house already.

3.Lions- CB Jeffrey Okuda- Thought about taking a QB here, but with the owners demands of winning this next year or else, doubt coaching staff wants to take their time with Herbert or Tua. Darruis Slay may be traded or demand something, Okudah gives them an upgrade as well as insurance moving forward.

4.Giants- OL Jedrick Wills- i can see them easily finding a replacement for OBJ, but they need to protect Daniel Jones better. He had zero time to find his young talented play makers and this only helps Barkley.
Alternate pick- Jerry Juedy WR

5.Dolphins-QB- Tua Tagovailoa- The QB hungry team lucks out on the guy they wanted when they had the 1st overall selection back in week 10. Nothing to see here, but maybe they ride with Fitzmagic a few weeks while Tua gets right?

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:17 pm
by piratepride

6.Chargers- QB- Justin Herbert, after a solid showing in the senior bowl, he doesn't make it past #6. We all seen Rivers decline going back 3 years, but now it's finally here, get ready to hate this guy for the next 7 years!!!

7-Carolina- LB- Isaiah Simmons- This spot here is what makes mock drafts so difficult, will they reach on a QB? Do they go for a playmaker at WR? They desperately need to upgrade their o-line, but ultimately elect to replace the warrior Luke Keuchly. Simmons is thin, but there's no doubting he's a playmaker and is a better matchup for the NFL's new TE's.

8.Arizona- WR- Cedee Lamb- Cardinals need an overhaul on their O-line if they wish to keep Kyler Murray around for the long haul, but the NEW coach wants to build his own version of the air raid offense. Why not Jerry Juedy??? Murray is in coaches ear, and they used to play together, no way he picks Juedy over Lamb. Cedee Lamb surprassed Juedy some time ago too. Our coveted guy gets snathed up right here folks, time to move on!

9.Jaguars- OT- Andrew Thomas- the run on quality top 10 o-line talent starts here, Jags need to replace DE Ngakoue who may be too expensive and may just sign with us, but ultimately need to give their QB time behind the LOS whoever they start back there.
Alternate pick- Jerry Juedy- their WR's struggled all year outside of Chark. We may just miss out on the top two WR's if they go Juedy here.

10. Browns- OG- Tristan Wirfs- Nasty run mauler who takes over a line the same way the Colts' Quentin Nelson has. This selection isn't sexy, but he'll open up holes for Nick Chubb and keep the ground game going. Which isn't bad for a struggling Baker Mayfield.


Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:46 pm
by piratepride
11.Jets- WR- Jerry Juedy- The Jets have been drafting defense for years, may decide to go LSU DE Klavon Chaisson here, but nab the sexy pick in Juedy just before we get our paws on him! Now what?? Too soon to go Ruggs III or Tee Higgins??? Keep reading.

12-Raiders- Patrick Queen- Hear me out....With guys like Delpit , AJ Epenesa, kristian Fulton, Ruggs / Higgins still on the board why reach for a linebacker? This is where we trust Mayock, honeymoon is over, do we still trust this guy's player evaluations? If so, we just drafted the next CJ Mosley/ possibly Patrick Willis who will shut down the Travis Kelce's of the world, and fast enough to keep guys like Mahomes / Lamar Jackson in the pocket come playoff time. Not to mention there still being 5-7 top notch talent at the WR position when teams are still going to be valuing position such as the trenches and DE/ CB / LB before they elect to go WR. We'll have our shot at one in round 3 or at #19.

13-Colts- QB- Jordan Love- Colts are over the Brissett bus, time to go young again and hit the reset button.

14-Bucs- DL- Kinlaw- Best player available at a position of need for the bucs, no way they reach for a QB at this spot.

15. Broncos- WR- Ruggs III- The Bronco forums have been calling for this dude all year! Denver is quietly building an offense that has to be taken seriously, and knows we'll have our eye on a WR at the 19 spot. They take our guy from under us!!!!

16. Atlatnta- Klavon Chaisson DE- Atlanta used to be stout on defense 3 years ago until the injury bug camped out in their own backyard the past couple of seasons. They get back to drafting solid freaky fast twitch players while trusting the offense to keep things flowing.

17.Dallas- fs- Grant Delpit- Dallas has been flirting with trading for Earl Thomas / and others for years, why not just draft thier own?
Alternalte selection- Best WR available if Cooper walks or isn't re-signed for financial concerns.

18.Miami-WR- Tee Higgins- Most mock sites have them all over the place, but mainly on defense, I play fantasy football and draftiking and call bullshit. They re-signed Devante Parker but shipped out all the other offensive play makers following our lead. They'll take the best WR availble here or even RB mark my words. For the sake of this draft I'm going WR, once again someone steals our guy right from under our nose, Gruden/s pounding the table asking Mayock if he knows what he's doing. Luck for us he does!

19- Oakland- DE- AJ Epenesa- Mayock may consider going 5th best WR here in Justin Jefferson ( LSU) clone to Desean Jackson, but why not get the 2nd best DE? He's not flashy, but he's the TJ Watt type bully that just makes plays on a Monday night game when everyone else wonders how he lasted so long. Mayock lets the board come to him, doesn't reach, and overdraft just cuz we need a true #1 WR. We go BPA in round 1 all the way in this 1st mock draft ( if niners win the superbowl). Stay tuned for part 2 if KC wins.

who really wants to see the rest after pick # 19 lol.

What do you guys think?

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:55 pm
by DeadRinger
I think we better hope to God that a player like either Jefferson from LSU or Davonta Smith out of AL fall to us in the 2nd.

I really don't like Tee Higgins in rd 1 because I think he's a Demariyus Thomas clone and I don't want that shit. All these other fuckers I see people touting - specifically Shenault and Reagor - just have too many ??? for my liking.

I saw D. Smith play many times in AL games and for a kid who just came on this last year, he literally STOLE balls away from both Jeudy and Ruggs, just because he was fucking open so often. Fucking kid played with Ruggs AND Jeudy and still had 1256 yds on 68 catches, 14 TDs. Against VERY serious SEC defenses. He doesn't have prototypical size but at 6'1", he's plenty tall, and he just catches the fuckin ball. Problem is this kid is going to put on a show at the combine or pro day and fly up the charts. Mark my words.

"Team sources say that of the trio of Alabama receiver prospects for the 2020 NFL Draft, Smith could have the best hands and is the most consistent down-in-and-down-out. He is a tough receiver who has shown quality speed, route-running, and superb ball skills. Smith has proven run-after-the-catch skills and is able to get yards after contact and dodge defenders. He is superb with his body control along the sideline to adjust to passes and stay in bounds as a runner."

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:58 pm
by DeadRinger
Lance Zeurlein at has a mock I think every one of us would stand up and shriek like little girls about. ... erry-jeudy

Jerry Jeudy - WR
School: Alabama | Year: Junior
The Raiders have a couple of selections in the first round and one of them has to be spent on a receiver. Why not take your pick of WR1s in this spot?

Patrick Queen - LB
School: LSU | Year: Junior
The latest in a recent string of speedy linebackers from LSU, Queen helps fill a gaping hole in the Raiders' defense.

Re: mock draft part 1

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:28 pm
by silver & black
I don't follow college football, other than Ohio State. I leave the draft to more qualified I won't be unhappy with either offense or defense at #19.... just so long as it's a good/productive pick. This D is bad. I almost hope the pick is for D.

Hopefully, Mayock is savy in FA and we can sign a few solid players on either side of the ball. I'm excited to be a Vegas Raiders fan!