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Postby DeadRinger » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:46 pm

No doubt our run blocking is shit. Everyone grades the line based on sacks allowed. Not enough attention paid to rushing yds gained.

Two thing were glaring in this game and mad eyes it closer than it should have been.

1. Missed FGs. Ok one of them was over 50 but you’ve gotta hit that 43 yarder. Hit them both and there’s no nail-biting at the end.

2. Dropped passes. This shit has officially gotten ridiculous. I think it’s a virus. The whole fuckin team is infected. Carr had to work twice as hard as Smith to pick up yards.

If I was Jack I wouldn’t worry about practicing for Cooper, Roberts and Cook. Spend a couple hours making sure they know the plays, and then have them catching balls for an entire fucking week, working on getting softer hands and focusing on nothing but the ball til it’s secure. This is fundamental shit people. This is why these guys get paid big money. It’s not something the QB should have to be worried about every time he cuts the fuckin ball loose.

MUST fix it. Not optional.
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