Here's what I'm concerned about:

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Here's what I'm concerned about:

Postby DeadRinger » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:14 pm

MLB. Heeney hasn't done shit in this league. Behind him? Not a fuckin thing.

Ward. Starting at DT over at least 1 solid guy who deserved the job. We've been having problems stopping the run all preseason, but he's still there?? Unacceptable.

Lee Smth starting at TE. This dude can't run or catch. The fact that Walford hasn't beaten him out for the job is just fucked up. Walford should be our 3-down TE. He has all the tools to both block and receive at a high level. What are the coaches seeing that they have him riding the pine? Also unacceptable.

RBs. Again. We seem to be right back where we were last year, even with Osemele in the mix. That is to say, doing well blocking for the pass, but can't spring a runner to save our lives. The fact that Reggie failed to address this position strongly in the offseason is the hallmark of a foolish GM.

Safeties. Joseph a rookie coming off a nasty, nasty injury. Nelson an antique coming off a career season fueled by the final payday he got from Reggie. It's a good thing we have some versatile guys like Carrie and McGill to step in now and then.

WR depth. We only kept 5 WRs. I'd put our starting 3 up against damn near any other team's. But If Crab, Coop or Seth go down, we'll be picking through a bunch of practice squads. Personally I think we should knock some weight off Rivera and turn him into a Boldin-style WR. I mean, it's not like the dude can block. Anyhoo, WR is another position Reggie ignored, and that was a mistake. We should have drafted Malcolm Mitchell in the 4th like I said. Now I have to watch Belichik turn him into a major threat in the Pats offense. He will be starting by mid-season. But instead, we picked a fucking 3rd-string QB, for God's sake! When we have our FRANCHISE guy in place for the next 12 years, and a solid guy behind him already. Backup QBs are a fucking dime a dozen. You can pick them up off the street like pebbles. Shoot me. Insanity.

Overall depth. There are some real junk names on our roster. I'm not going to muck through the entire roster, so let's just take a look at the d-backfield: Antonio Hamilton, DJ Hayden, Dexter McDonald, Brynden Trawick. Some of you might disagree with one or more of those names but the way I see it, that's four JUNK players in our d-backfield. FOUR. In the d-backfield alone.


This all adds up to 8-8 according to my calculator. 9-7 if we get REALLY lucky and don't have any serious injuries to key guys. So I stick w 8-8.

Now, if we can have another offseason similar to this one, we could push deep into the playoffs in 2017. Next offseason, FIRST AND FOREMOST, we should do whatever it takes to draft the best RB available. And that's going to be Nick Chubb. Forget about Fournette and the white boy. Chubb is the Man we need. If we have to trade up to get him, so be it. And I'm sure everyone here remembers what I said about Gurley when he was in the draft. Trust me on Chubb. He is a can't-miss superstar, barring injury of course.

Next offseason we will also need to:

1. land a very good, possibly great, TRUE MLB,
2. upgrade at DT
3. get a permanent replacement for Edwards. (Or better yet, Reggie should have just kept LAMARR FUCKING HOUSTON!!!)
4. Give Mack and Carr new contracts.
5. Find a 3-down TE. Again, there were some really good ones available this offseason.

Then nobody's going to want to see us on their 2017 schedule. We will be deadly.
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2020 season. Vegas. Playoffs.

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