Curious as to why...

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Curious as to why...

Postby DeadRinger » Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:03 pm

We're supposed to have a fierce pass rush but we were tied for 19th rank in sacks in preseason w only 7. Buccaneers had 16.

Also curious: why the FUCK is Jihad Ward the starting DT on our depth chart? Has anyone here seen him do anything decent? What the fuck has he done to get that job?? Or, what the FUCK did Dan Williams do to lose it to this rookie??

I mean, if you wanted to get a push at the UT spot, we could have put Autry there! He's versatile and a proven disruptor. Why the FUCK Jihad Ward.

Why the fuck did we even draft the asshole?

Know what I'd like to see on obvious passing downs?

LDE - Irvin
DT - Autry
NT - Ellis
RDE - Mack

SLB - Calhoun (who has done a LOT more than Ward so far)
"MLB"- Joseph

CB - Amerson
CB - Smith
CB - Carrie
SS - McGill
FS - Nelson

ON PAPER, that should be a damn fine set against the pass.
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